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About Us and Our Author’s Bios
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     Vibrant Publishing traces its roots all the way back to 1992 when Stephanie Castle created Perceptions Press to publish her first book, “Feelings”.  This book is still in print today.

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     Over the years Stephanie went on to publish more of her own tittles and those of other authors. In 2005, with Stephanie approaching her 80th birthday, she sold Perceptions Press to Roz Shakespeare.

     Vibrant Publishing was created with Perceptions Press as its foundation and  Vibrant Publishing has been growing steadily since then.


Blue Badger Books:  When I chose to develop a separate image and imprint for children's books I wanted something that was colorful and fun.  I also wanted an image that would convey a deeper spiritual message.  The color was the easier part as blue represents the throat chakra and the gift of communication. 

The color was the easier part as blue represents the throat chakra and the gift of communication.  I wanted the image to represent something to both children and adults.  I went into the world of animals and chose Badger.  Badger represents self-expression and storytelling.  The Badger is quick to express their feelings and has the courage to use unconventional methods.  Badger is also the keeper of the Earth's healing herbs.

Our Authors Bios

Sharon Tenenbaum

     Sharon is a photographer rather than an author and yet I still call her an author because her photos ‘speak to me’.  I have heard people refer to her photos as spiritual.  Her eye is fantastic.  Some of her work has been published in National Geographic.  She lives in Vancouver but travels the globe for her art.


Rebecca Ananda

     Rebecca studied writing at Concordia University and acting at Vancouver’s Studio 58.  She has the ‘travel bug’ in her system and a passion for writing.  Her most recent trips have been to South America and India.  I suspect there are more stories to be told.

Joy Borthwick CH, HC, CHt 
Herbal Consultant, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist , Quantum Focusing Practitioner and Pain Relief Educator, Author
Joy - a feeling evoked by well-being, success or good fortune

Joy's passion is in assisting people to see the unique and amazing human being inside them.  She is committed to assisting you in setting goals, overcoming obstacles and loving yourself.

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Bonny Darby

Bonny Darby  is a facilitator, trainer, speaker, and coach with a significant record of achievement in corporate business management. Her experience includes managing in corporate global business for over 20 years. Extensive customer service skills and technical expertise allow her to achieve consistently high results when coaching individuals on a corporate and private level. Career Transition is a natural progression for Bonny to share her skills and insights.

Dianna Corman

     Dianna is passionate about life and her writing.  Her energy is infectious.  You just want to smile when she enters the room.  She was awakened in the early morning hours by a voice that told her to go downstairs and begin writing.  Once it was finished she was told to give the work to Woody Allen.  The story is published but woody doesn’t have it yet.  In the meantime Dianna is writing her next novel.  Yahoo.

Sharon Taylor

Sharon continues to live a full and active life in spit of her illness.  She enjoys being out in nature and likes to keep active.  Writers Group and yoga has Sharon evolving as a writer.

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Jordan McPherson

     Jordan is a most versatile writer, creating poetry, fantasy fiction and childrens books.  Pillowboy is her first children’s book.

Margot Roberts

     Margot is another author who published her first book with Perceptions Press.  She lives in Ontario, where she is working on other book projects.

Stephanie Castle

     Stephanie came to the writing of books in what some would call her ‘golden years’.  She has taken to writing like a duck to water.  Her first book “Feelings” came when she was in her 60’s.  Now, at 85 she is still going strong and has 40+ titles to her credit on a variety of topics.  I am pleased to report there are several more projects planned for Stephanie’s pen.


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