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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

While we do accept unsolicited submissions and eventually get around to reading them, we do have many manuscripts and are working with a limited staff and resources.  Please be aware it can take up to 6 months or more for us to evaluate unsolicited submissions.  We have to devote most of our time to the books and authors we’re already committed to publishing.  That being said, here are some tips for catching our attention.

1) Know What We Don’t Publish.  At the moment this includes poetry and cookbooks.

2) Ask First.  Send us a short letter or E-mail describing your book, rather than a complete manuscript.  E-mail is the preferred method.  This will save us all time and postal fees.

     If we are not interested, we can tell you immediately.  If we are interested, your manuscript will get immediate attention, when it arrives.  You can send your manuscript through the mail or as an attachment to an E-mail.  If you send it electronically, we ask that you send a bank draft in the amount of $15 to cover the cost and time of printing it for you.

3) Get Yourself some Attention.  We don’t mean getting arrested or running naked across the playing field at a sporting event.  We love new authors and their enthusiasm.  We also know this is not the only thing you have written.  We encourage you to submit excerpts from your manuscript or some of your other works to magazines or other publications.  Most of them accept material from unpublished authors.

     We will look more closely at an author who has been published before and is active in promoting themselves.

4) Write Something Powerful.  This is tough for us to describe or define.  We are looking for new voices, empowering experiences and unique perspectives.  I’m sure you are sitting there looking at the screen and saying to yourself, “What the heck does that mean?”

     What this means is we want you to think really hard about what you’re sending us.  Does it say something new, or give us a different perspective on something?  Be very critical of your work here.  If you think it’s worthwhile, give it a shot.

5) Know What We Publish.  We are actively seeking New Age-Spirituality, compelling biographies and titles for tweens and teens of a New Age Spiritual nature.  Look at our publications.  If you see a gap and feel you can fill it, either alphabetically or otherwise, send us a note.

You have read this all before:

 - If you want the manuscript back, send a SASE big enough for your manuscript.  If you want to recycle send a small SASE for the reply.

 - We do not return foreign manuscripts.

 - Include your address, phone number and E-mail address.

 - Let us know if this is a multiple submission.

Please be patient while you wait for your reply.  In order to fairly evaluate your manuscript we have three people read it and provide their input.  Feel free to contact us if you have waited for 6 months.

Thank you for your interest in Vibrant Publishing.


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