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Perceptions Press

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The Ascent of Aaron Woodrow Königsberg
                - A Connoisseur's Death -

Dianna Corman

How a NYC Jewish lawyer manages a terminal illness


Rebecca Ananda

Travels and tales of distant lands in the Middle East.

Career Transitions

Bonny Darby

This book helps open your mind to personal discovery.

Buried Treasure

Joy Borthwick

This book is about personal de-cluttering. Cd is included.

Buried Treasure - Finding Enchantment Within

Joy Borthwick

This journal is a handy completion companion to 'Buried Treasure'.

Vancouver - Like No Other

Sharon Tennebaum

Photographic splendor of Vancouver and area; stunning visual poetry.


Jordan McPherson

Set in rural Quebec in 1972, a wonderful coming of age story.

Pillowboy - Autographed Edition

Jordan McPherson

 Limited edition volumes autographed by "King" Richard Brodeur of NHL fame.

Hardcore Dancer

Phillip Wright & Stephanie Castle

Phillip’s sometimes humorous account of his struggle with Autism.

As Much As Me?

Margot Roberts

A love between two women as related by a grandmother to her granddaughter.

Deep System

Sharon Taylor

 Sharon’s poetry is drawn from her love of nature which brings her healing.


Stephanie Castle

 “Feelings” an advocate for transexuals and their rights writes.

Prisoner of Gender

Katherine Johnson & Stephanie Castle

 Katherine Johnson’s details her struggle with drug's and her incarceration

The Zenith Experience

Stephanie Castle

Encounters and Memories in a Transgender Setting

Shadows in the City

Stephanie Castle

Colourful characters, transexual lifestyle and adventure in Canadian cities

The Partnership

Stephanie Castle

Two transsexuals meet and become friends; their story.

A Tale of Two Wives

Stephanie Castle

Two wives, two transexual situations, two radically different outcomes.

Tales from Cascadia - Vol 1

Stephanie Castle

This collection of short stories covers a wide range of transsexual issues.